Apple to Launch Online Store with new products in india after 15 September event


Soon apple india Going to launch its online stores in India after the 15 September event with new products like new Apple watches and new iPad Air and many more products are going to be launched in India with its online store 

Due to the pandemic situation Around The World the Apple is moving towards the digital platform to sell its new products in India india is the second largest Smartphone maker and largest Smartphone consumer in the world so Apple is moving forward to Grab the opportunity to sell more and more products in India apple will start manufacturing of the new smartphone in India like iPhone 12 and upcoming new models of iPads. 

On apples 15 September event Apple is going to launch the new apple watch series 6 and new iPad Air and Apple Air TAGS maybe they are also going to launch this new apple speaker .

Apple has already started manufacturing iPhones in India 2017 and also start a manufacturing with the latest model iPhone 11 in India.With made in India iPhone Apple is going to set India online store apple currently selling its lineup of hardware including the iPhone se2 iPhone 11 iPhone XR MacBook Air MacBook Pro iMac Apple watch and iPod via third party sellers in India like Amazon and Flipkart 

This comes at a time when there is a tremendous excitement around the fact that Apple is putting forward with the iPhone manufacturing in India which make the iPhone cost very less in India.

The India opportunity of Apple 

Apple first store opened in southern California in 2001 now the iPhone maker operates over 500 stores in 26 countries and have employees over 123000 retail employees. Apple has started selling their products in August 2008 in India it is sold in the country mostly through third party sellers the lack of the direct stores is often considered one of the reason why Apple is position of selling the largest Smartphone in India like US.

Reasons Why You Should not upgrade your current smartphone

Slowing of the mobile phone innovation and the high prices of mobile devices, upgrading your phone might not be seem good and exciting as it once was. If you are still happy with your phone and the phone is working properly, keeping it can help you save money not only by not paying high money for the new phone, but by also taking it to a new carrier for a less expensive plan.

Every year 100’s of new phone launches by the company. With big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung constantly releasing new models of their flagship phones, the latest and greatest doesn't seem to stay the latest for all that long time.
Innovation in mobile phone devices seemingly more focused on making things better faster processing, high quality camera rather than making new things, you may be wondering if getting the latest phone is much of an upgrade. The new phone prices are over the $1,000. you might also be thinking if that slight upgrade is worth the cost. Here are some of the reasons why upgrading your smartphone might not be so smart and good for you.

1. 5G phones are Coming

The new innovation in network technology might force your hand when it comes to upgrading your mobile phone. 5Gnetworks are on the way, but to take advantage of this new high speed changing technology, you'll need a 5G network compatible device.
Once in every country 5G networks are the norm, we might all be due for a smartphone upgrade. Many companies has already launched the 5G Network smartphones like Samsung has launched the galaxy s10 plus and the recently oneplus has launched its 5G smartphone 7pro 5G

2. Your Existing Phone Is Fine.

If you are happy with your phone and the phone is working properly and completing all your need there just really isn't a real reason why you need to upgrade your phone. how you feel about your phone? Consider the following things:
Is your phone handle all your day to day tasks without slowing down or freezing up ?
Is you phone free of screen cracks or other hardware damages that might affect its performance and battery performance ?
Are you happy with the quality of the images you can take with your phone camera?
Is your phone support the recent version of its compatible OS?
Is your phone battery is working properly.
If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, you probably don't need a new phone.

3.The cost of new phones are high.

The cost of the newly launched smartphones is too high. If you want flagship phone of any company you have to pay lot of money from your pocket. If you want one of the flagship from Apple or Samsung Galaxy phones, you could be looking at over $1,000 for your smartphone upgrade.
Financing is typically available for the most of the new phones, but that could mean anywhere between $20 to $40 additional on your monthly phone bill. It seems unnecessary to be spending all extra money if you are perfectly happy with the current phone you already own.

4.Your Current Phone Is Paid Off

If your phone still performs according to your satisfaction and you have completely paid it off you are in a very good place. Chances are you are eligible to have your phone unlocked which, in a world of no cell phone contracts, means you are free to do some cell phone plan shopping.
You have the freedom to take the phone you are happy with and find a cell phone plan that fits all your needs at the best price possible. All this without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a brandnew phone.

5.Not much innovation in smartphone industry

Every new smartphone gives same output, it seems only natural that we've hit a point where big sweeping smartphone phone innovations are few and far between. The new phones are still getting faster, battery life is improving, and cameras of the smartphone are getting better from the previous models, but to many of us, all of these features already exceed expectations on the phones we currently own.
Upgrading smartphones does not impact much in our lives than doing so has done in the past. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and certainly big changes are bound to come that will make us all itchy for the next upgrade. For now, new tech doesn't exactly make us feel like we need get the new phone right this very moment.

Why and when You Should Upgrade

Upgrade your smartphone
With your current smartphone might not always be your best option. There are several reasons when it might be the right time to get a new smartphone.
Consider the following:

1.Is your current phone running slow?

2.Is your smartphone have some damag?

3.Do you want a better camera phone or you want good selfie phone?

4.Are there features on newer phones that you feel you are missing out on with your older phone?

5.Does your phone not support new software updates?

6.Will your phone not hold a charge?

7.Do you just want a new phone?

8.If you answered yes to any of the above, it could be time to get a new phone.

TikTok parent Bytedance launching its own music smartphone

It’s been a busy number of months for Bytedance, one amongst the world’s most beneficial startups and also the operator of worldwide popular video app TikTok. The Beijing-based company has continued  to grow its list of apps to include the likes of work collaboration tool Lark, a second messenger referred to as Feiliao as well as a music streaming app, and currently it seems to be taking a daring step into the hardware realm.

Bytedance is attending to develop its own smartphone, the monetary Times according (paywalled) citing 2 sources. A advocator from Bytedance declined to touch upon the matter, however the rumor is few surprise as smartphone pre-installs have long been a preferred approach for Chinese web firms to build up user sizes.

There’s conjointly urgency from Bytedance to carve out a lot of user acquisition channels. once some years of frantic growth, Bytedance did not hit its revenue target for the primary time last year amid fastness ad defrayment in China, per a report by Bloomberg.

Some of Bytedance’s predecessors embrace selfie app maker Meitu, that builds smartphones pre-loaded with its suite of exposure editors and recently sold  this phase to Xiaomi because the latter tries to capture a lot of feminine users and newcomers, as well as Snow-owned camera app B612 and Bytedance’s Faceu, shut on Meitu’s heels.

Others have taken a less asset-heavy approach within the period of time of the Chinese web. Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent — far-famed together because the BAT for his or her ascendency in China’s technical school world — all worked on their own custom automaton ROMs, that include additional options compared to a stock storage pre-installed by a phone manufacturer.

Alibaba’s ambition conjointly manifested in a very $590 million investment in Meizu in 2016 that saw the eommerce large take up the challenge to develop a tailored software system for the telephone maker. a lot of recently in March, WeChat owner Tencent teamed up with vice smartphone maker Razor on variety of initiatives that cowl hardware.

There were early clues to Bytedance’s smartphone endeavor. the company confirmed in january that it's acquired sure patents and a few workers from phone maker Smartisan, though it said at the time the deal was done to “explore the education business.” That was a curious statement as Smartisan’s business has very little to try to to with education. At the terribly least, the tie-up confers hardware development capability on the mobile internet upstart.

Indeed, a supply told the monetary Times that Bytedance founder Zhang Yiming “has long dreamt of a phone with Bytedance apps pre-installed.” withal, this is often tipped to be associate uphill battle, a minimum of in China wherever smartphone sales are cooling and competition intensifies between entrenched players like Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi and Apple.

Bytedance has designed a leg up off from home, because of its empire of mobile apps. the corporate is one in all the few — and lots of would argue the primary — Chinese net startups that manage to realize a pregnant foothold globally. TikTok  has systematically topped  the worldwide app ranking within the last few months, although it’s additionally encountered some obstacles in a number of its larger markets.

In the us, the Federal Trade Commission obligatory a punished on TikTok for violating children’s privacy protection law. the govt. of Asian country, that has driven a lot of of TikTok’s recent growth, additionally took issue with the app to quickly ban it on account of felonious content.

While the US market could also be troublesome to penetrate given Washington’s considerations round the security threat that Chinese firms might gift, Asian country is currently crowded with Chinese brands. a search done by Counterpoint found that within the half-moon, Chinese makers LED by Xiaomi controlled a walloping sixty six p.c of India’s smartphone market. that means Bytedance, aboard its potential ally Smartisan, isn't solely up against native rivals in Asian country however additionally the acquainted faces from its home market.

Paytm Citi Bank Credit Card Launched in India[2019]

Paytm,  India’s one of the largest mobile wallet app, has launched  several businesses in recent years as threat from Google and Facebook grows. On Tuesday, it added another category to the list: Paytm credit cards.
The paytm firm, operated by One97 Communications, today unveiled Paytm First Credit Card with lofty benefits .The cards, issued by Citi Bank, will be the first in the country to offer unlimited, one percent cashback on purchases, Paytm claimed in a statement. The company is hoping to add about 25 million credit card customers in the coming months.

The penetration of credit cards remains very low in India with under 50 million people possessing one. With people in India conducting most of their businesses through cash in the nation, banks have little understanding of a customer’s credit history and score. And it also doesn’t help that banks in India are still wary of issuing credit cards to those who don’t perfectly fit the traditional blue collar job.Paytm made its name through a mobile payment wallet open to its customers engaging with credit card companies? Paytm itself is struggling to grow its business and retain existing customers. Some of its recent major bets haven’t exactly paid off.

But more importantly, payments itself has become a commoditized space. Users park their money in Paytm and do transactions from there. Paytm makes money from this accumulated sum. This business flourished for years, especially in the months after the Indian government invalidated much of the cash in the nation. But then the government launched its own payment infrastructure called UPI, which removes the need for a middleman.

This has made payments more convenient for users, who are increasingly jumping ship. UPI apps such as PhonePe that have emerged in the last two and a half years now see more transactions than wallet apps. To make matter worse for Paytm, Google and Facebook — two companies that have larger userbase in India — have entered the payments space. Google Pay reached 100 million installs on Google Play Store recently, and WhatsApp plans a nation-wide roll out of its payment feature in Indialater this year.So Paytm is now expanding its financial offerings and credit card play fits well in it. With more than 200 million active users, Paytm rivals banks on both the number of customers and volume of transaction it processes.

“Our new offering is designed to bring utmost flexibility to our customers in their digital payment options and will help spur large-ticket cashless payments,” Vijay Shekhar Sharma,  chairman and CEO of One97 Communications said in a statement.As part of the package, Paytm’s credit card holders will be able to avail dining, shopping, travel and other offers that Citi Bank provides to its privilege customers. In the first four months of issuing a card, the company will offer its customers discounts worth Rs 10,000 on spending of Rs 10,000.

Paytm First Credit Card will work both in India and elsewhere and support contactless transactions. Like any other credit card, customers will be able to pay back a sum in multiple monthly instalments. Paytm First Credit Card will charge users a nominal fee of Rs 500 that will be waived off if their spendings through the card exceeds Rs 50,000 in a year.

If the gamble works, Paytm will be able to retain some customers and convince many to do big-ticket transactions. For Citi Bank, this partnership is just an easy ploy to acquire some customers.
Earlier this year, the company launched Paytm First, a subscription bundle that includes access to subscriptions from other services such as Zomato,  Uber, Gaana, and Eros Now.
In the meantime, Paytm continues to aggressively expand its financial offerings. In recent years, it has launched a digital payments bank, and has started to offer prepaid Forex cards for international purchases. It also lets customers buy gold, and employers issue food allowance wallets for their staff. Last year, the company announced Paytm Money topurchase of mutual funds and it also announced the paytm insurance .

All New Phone Launched in ces [2018]

1.First in-screen fingerprint scanner

Goodbye, home button. This preproduction model of a Vivo phone is the first of its kind to show off an inscreen fingerprint reader

2.A phone in a laptop with Razer Project Linda
Gamer lifestyle company Razer built a laptop that uses the company's first-ever phone as its computing guts

The past is back with a smartphone fitted with a built-in pico projector. Anyone who remembers the Samsung Galaxy Bean with fondness should check out this major specs update out of San Diego. Moviphone is like a OnePlus 5-plus-projector

4.BlackBerry Motion coming to the US
Originally launched in Canada, the all-screen, no-keyboard BlackBerry Motion will now be sold in the US

5.Bronze BlackBerry KeyOne

A new, bronze version of the KeyOne is exactly the same as the black and silver colors, but indicates the brand's investment in the keyboard phone

6.Cat S41 rugged phone

The Cat S41 is built like a tank, takes photos underwater and its 5,000mAh battery can charge other phones. It's not meant for mere mortals, but it's a fun phone to see.

7.Raspberry Rose​ LG V30
Our first look at the LG V30 in Raspberry Rose didn't disappoint. The neon, flamingo-pink shade will come first to Korea, then on to other countries in Asia and Europe.

8.Huawei Mate 10 Pro Porsche Design

Don't have a spare $1,250 to spend on a phone? Then don't buy the Porsche Design version of the Mate 10 Pro, even if it does come with 256GB of internal storage.