Reasons Why You Should not upgrade your current smartphone

Slowing of the mobile phone innovation and the high prices of mobile devices, upgrading your phone might not be seem good and exciting as it once was. If you are still happy with your phone and the phone is working properly, keeping it can help you save money not only by not paying high money for the new phone, but by also taking it to a new carrier for a less expensive plan.

Every year 100’s of new phone launches by the company. With big manufacturers like Apple and Samsung constantly releasing new models of their flagship phones, the latest and greatest doesn't seem to stay the latest for all that long time.
Innovation in mobile phone devices seemingly more focused on making things better faster processing, high quality camera rather than making new things, you may be wondering if getting the latest phone is much of an upgrade. The new phone prices are over the $1,000. you might also be thinking if that slight upgrade is worth the cost. Here are some of the reasons why upgrading your smartphone might not be so smart and good for you.

1. 5G phones are Coming

The new innovation in network technology might force your hand when it comes to upgrading your mobile phone. 5Gnetworks are on the way, but to take advantage of this new high speed changing technology, you'll need a 5G network compatible device.
Once in every country 5G networks are the norm, we might all be due for a smartphone upgrade. Many companies has already launched the 5G Network smartphones like Samsung has launched the galaxy s10 plus and the recently oneplus has launched its 5G smartphone 7pro 5G

2. Your Existing Phone Is Fine.

If you are happy with your phone and the phone is working properly and completing all your need there just really isn't a real reason why you need to upgrade your phone. how you feel about your phone? Consider the following things:
Is your phone handle all your day to day tasks without slowing down or freezing up ?
Is you phone free of screen cracks or other hardware damages that might affect its performance and battery performance ?
Are you happy with the quality of the images you can take with your phone camera?
Is your phone support the recent version of its compatible OS?
Is your phone battery is working properly.
If you have answered yes to all of the above questions, you probably don't need a new phone.

3.The cost of new phones are high.

The cost of the newly launched smartphones is too high. If you want flagship phone of any company you have to pay lot of money from your pocket. If you want one of the flagship from Apple or Samsung Galaxy phones, you could be looking at over $1,000 for your smartphone upgrade.
Financing is typically available for the most of the new phones, but that could mean anywhere between $20 to $40 additional on your monthly phone bill. It seems unnecessary to be spending all extra money if you are perfectly happy with the current phone you already own.

4.Your Current Phone Is Paid Off

If your phone still performs according to your satisfaction and you have completely paid it off you are in a very good place. Chances are you are eligible to have your phone unlocked which, in a world of no cell phone contracts, means you are free to do some cell phone plan shopping.
You have the freedom to take the phone you are happy with and find a cell phone plan that fits all your needs at the best price possible. All this without having to pay hundreds of dollars for a brandnew phone.

5.Not much innovation in smartphone industry

Every new smartphone gives same output, it seems only natural that we've hit a point where big sweeping smartphone phone innovations are few and far between. The new phones are still getting faster, battery life is improving, and cameras of the smartphone are getting better from the previous models, but to many of us, all of these features already exceed expectations on the phones we currently own.
Upgrading smartphones does not impact much in our lives than doing so has done in the past. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and certainly big changes are bound to come that will make us all itchy for the next upgrade. For now, new tech doesn't exactly make us feel like we need get the new phone right this very moment.

Why and when You Should Upgrade

Upgrade your smartphone
With your current smartphone might not always be your best option. There are several reasons when it might be the right time to get a new smartphone.
Consider the following:

1.Is your current phone running slow?

2.Is your smartphone have some damag?

3.Do you want a better camera phone or you want good selfie phone?

4.Are there features on newer phones that you feel you are missing out on with your older phone?

5.Does your phone not support new software updates?

6.Will your phone not hold a charge?

7.Do you just want a new phone?

8.If you answered yes to any of the above, it could be time to get a new phone.


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