Advantages and disadvantages of rooting the android phone

Rooting of android phone 

Rooting of phone means unlocking of the operating system. 
from this you can install numbers of apps which are not supported by the operating system.This helps to customize your phone. you can easily control the operating system of the phone and easily change the operating system 

Advantages of rooting the android phone    
  • You can easily block all the ads when you open the apps in the phone .
  • You can run all the the apps in the phone without any problem .
  • You can easily customise your phone and change the themes of your phone .
  • You change the android version of the phone .
  • Easy excess to apps of the phone.
  • Increase the internal storage of the phone.
Disadvantages of rooting the phone  
  • The software can be crashed 
  • Warranty of your device can be fished.
  • Phone may me overheat while running .
  • Internal hardware of the phone can be damaged.
  • Software problems may arise.
  • Phone may not function properly .
  • Loss of data .

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