Top three mobile SOC Qualcomm snapdragon 820, MediaTek Helio X20 and Apple A9

SOC or system on chip is an integrated circuit that integrates all the components of a machine or the electronic parts of the device into a single system. Now days many advance and powerful soc are available in the market which increase the the performance of the mobile.

Qualcomm snapdragon 820

It is one of the best soc available in the market.Snapdragon 820 processor comes with X12 LTE supports the ultimate in connectivity, graphics, photography, power and battery efficiency.
It is the latest processor from the qualcomm. It is the hexacore processor which is 2X faster than the previous snapdragon 810 processor . it has the 25 megapixel 14-BIT spectra camera ISP(Image Signal Processor) that supports the capture 25 mp photo with zero shutter lac .it has the Adreno 530 GPU which offers 40% more graphics performance.

MediaTek  Helio X20 

MediaTek Helio X20  is the world’s first mobile processor with latest  Tri-Cluster CPU architecture and have ten processing cores (Deca-core). Delivering extreme computing performance with unmatched power has the ten cores which increases the overall performance of the the phone
MediaTek Helio X20 has three processor clusters which controls each process efficiently.
Apple A9 

Apple A9 processor is one of the latest mobile processor made by apple. this processor comes in the iphone 6s and se apple A9 is a 64 bit processor it has the 70% more performance and 90% more performance compared to A8 processor it is dual core processor. it is one of the powerful processor available in the market.

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