Google Smart Phone and Smart Watch

Google was working on its own smartphone and smart watch like apple iphone and iwatch . Like google nexus devices google is coming with its own smartphone and Android Wear running smartwatches. 

The google smartwatch may have circular OLED display with mobile data , GPS ,Wi-Fi and Bluetooth smart watch may come in two sizes one may have larger display other with small display
there will be the  three physical buttons on its right side to control the watch these smartwatches will be running Android Wear 2.0 that will offer quicker access to notifications and other important information.the google watch have pre installed  fitness apps and heartbeat measure sensor .

Apple is also expected to launch the Apple Watch 2 later this year with launch of the iphone 7 .the price of the of the google watch is not explored it may be available at 300 $. Google is going to manufacture it’s own smartphones – that way the company will be in control of everything. The google smartphone may be the modular phone in which we can easily change and modify the parts of the phone according to our needs  it may be launch in next year.  

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