Tesla Model x :Latest technology used in model x

Tesla motors is one of the car manufacturer which uses the latest technology in its cars.it is the first company which created the super car which runs on the battery. The Tesla Roadster, is the company's first vehicle, which uses lithium-ion battery cells that can move 320 km in a single charge.
The model 3 is the latest model of the Tesla motors the production of the model 3 is in progress and the company will start delivering the model x in late 2017.
The model x is one of the fastest car in its segment it has the one of the latest technology used in the which makes it more beautiful. it has Falcon Wing doors which make model x more beautiful like a bird.
The model x has 532 hp engine which can hit 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and the top speed of the model x is 130 mph.it has the latest gadgets used in the car .model x is first availabe in the US then the other countries.it has single speed automatic four wheel drive.
The model x uses the same huge touchscreen display as the model S which means you can control every thing of the car. The material used in the interior is good.The handling of the the model x is good
it has the automatic huge sunroof  .
The price of the model x starting  at $80,000.

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