Alibaba china E-Commerce site invest in India

Alibaba china's largest E-commerce site is going to invest more than 7.2 Billion dollars in india over in the next three years .
Alibaba is going to open its first office in Mumbai,India. Alibaba is the china's largest E-commerce site and wanted to increase its business in India. The CEO Yu Yongfu said that he wanted to invest in in indian e-commerce sits.Alibaba is going to invest in snapdeal and paytm in india.Alibaba has also launched its official website in india.

Kodak mahindra bank,IDFC Bank and Aditya birla finance are the partners with the Alibaba these partners will provide banking and transactional service to the members.

India 17-20 Billion dollar e-commerce market expected to grow to 35 billion dollar next year.Amazon,Flipkart,Snapdeal is the leading e-commerce sites in india Alibaba is also wanted to become a leading e-commerce site in india in next few years.    

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