How Upcoming Future Smartphones Can Help You To Live a Better Life

1. Smartphones will increase the strength of the brain

Scientist  have found that smartphones are such game-changers that they're actually changing the way our brains work. Constant access to internet and search engines have changed the way our brain memory works. Instead of remembering important information, we now remember how to find that information. Smartphones will increase the remembering power of the brain.  

2. Smartphone will  cure the disease

In future there will many apps for everything: Managing illnesses, addressing learning disabilities, teaching sign language, even finding accessible restaurants, hotels, and attractions in your city. And for people who can't use their hands, there's a hands-free Android phone called the Sesame Enable, so anyone can stay connected to the world around them.

3. Easily sharing of information around the world

In future Smartphones and tablets work as textbook replacements, this strategy actually saves sharing time.The data and information in future can be easily shared around the world.

4. They save time

According to a new study, the convenience of smartphone apps saves people an average of 22 days per year. That's right; checking your email, scheduling appointments, grocery shopping, texting your buddies, and checking the weather all in one place means you have almost an extra month's worth of free time compared to your 1990's self.

5. They can detect natural disasters

Current Smartphones contains a Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer that tracks movement and keeps your map rotated to the right direction. But scientists have discovered that these sensitive accelerometers can also accurately detect earthquakes of magnitudes greater than 5 when located near the epicenter. In other words, smartphones could soon replace traditional seismometer networks.

6.Smartphones have artificial intelligence

In future smartphones have artificial intelligence,they can learn each and everything by their own. They will do all of our work and save our time. 

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