facebook is becoming a huge cemetery

Facebook is one most used social networking site around the world.There are 1.79 billion users of the facebook which are currently using the facebook .In social networking site facebook the accounts of the people which are no more in the world or they are dead are increasing fastly. According to a research in 2098 the accounts of the dead people increase more the than the active users in the facebook The reason is that the relatives of the dead person wants there profile to be active .

Facebook was established in 2004 since it was established till now after 8 years 3 million users of the facebook are no more.
According to the rules of the facebook if any of the user is dead,the relatives of that person should give the information to facebook .By doing this the profile of the person which is dead facebook put the tag of memorialize in his profile then after doing this no one can login to the account.If no one give the information of the profile of the dead person the account will work normally.

Facts about Facebook 

  • 1.79 billion users around the world .
  • 1.66 billion monthly active active users around the world.
  • 5 accounts per second new accounts are made in facebook.
  • 8000 facebook users die per day.   

Memorialized Accounts
Memorialized accounts are a place for friends and family to gather and share memories after a person has passed away. Memorialized accounts have the following  features:
  • > The word Remembering will be shown next to the person's name on their profile
  • > Depending on the privacy settings of the account, friends can share memories on the memorialized Timeline
  • > Content the person shared (ex: photos, posts) stays on Facebook and is visible to the audience it was shared with
  • > Memorialized profiles don't appear in public spaces such as in suggestions for People You May Know, ads or birthday reminders
  • > No one can log into a memorialized account

How to give information about the died person account to facebook

  • To give information go to the memorialized request.
  • Choose the profile of the dead person.
  • Choose the date of the dead person.
  • Then upload the documents of the dead person.

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