warning your smart phone can be hacked in 30 seconds

Credit card debit card and any other important information can be easily hacked from your smartphone.There are many sensors in your phone which play important role in the hacking of information from your smartphone.Most of the people save the bank information passwords and many personal photos in smartphone Do you know it can be very dangerous to save important information in your phone?

Smartphone Sensors 

We know that there are many sensors in the smartphone which performs many functions but there some sensors in the smartphone through which the personal information in your smartphone can be easily hacked.With help of smartphone you credit card and bank information can be hacked this can be done with the help of the sensor.Most of the phones have NFC(Near field communication
) sensor it used for the payment purpose but this sensor can be easily hacked by the hackers.

Hacking Software

There are many software are applications are available in the market though which your bank details
and personal information ca be hacked. If your bluetooth ,wifi and location is always on then  be careful hackers are always in search of this they can connect your bluetooth or wifi with help of laptop and hack your personal details.so always check your mobile  that your bluetooth and wifi  is always off when not in use.

Tilt Sensor

Do you now there is the tilt sensor in the smartphone which can hack the data of your computer.In many smartphone there is the motion cctv feature which can read the words which you type and hack the data you type.

How to save important information to be hacked from hackers 

  • So be careful while downloading the unknown apps and software in your phone or in computers.
  • Always check that your bluetooth and wifi should remain off when not in use.
  • DO not use open wifi while doing some important work


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