Security tips for your smartphone to save it from hacking

Now days the use of the smartphones are increasing for the online payment.We always save our important information like credit card debit card and bank details in our smartphone. As the use of smartphone increasing the hackers are also trying to hack the important information from the phone.
The use mobile wallet is also increasing for the payment many of the mobile wallet users save there credit or debit card details on there mobile wallet apps .These saved details can be easily hacked by the hackers and use these detail for the transaction of the money from the bank.
Mobile wallet is the service in which the user uses the mobile for the transaction of money.With the mobile wallet we can easily transfer money from one place to another.Mobile wallet is also know as E-wallet or M-wallet.It work as the electronic wallet and it is the fastest way to transfer the money. 
Every year the use of mobile wallet is increasing by 200 % . Hackers are also trying to hack the information from the mobile wallet and use this information for transaction of the money 

Tips to Secure your smartphone from hacking

  • Don't save your bank details and other important information in your smartphone.
  • Don't show and share your password with anyone.
  • Don't share your OTP (One Time Password) with anyone.
  • Always make sure that the wifi and the Bluetooth should be off when not in use.
  • Don't use the open wifi in public place.
  • Don't download the third party apps in your smartphone.
  • Always use strong passwords for your phone .   


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