Top tech company products we can see in CES 2017

Customer Electronic Show (CES) is the biggest electronic show where many big tech companies show there upcoming products and services at one place. This time CES is going to be held in LAS VEGAS,NV from January 5-8. Like every year we see many of the futuristic gadgets in this ces 2017.Top tech companies like Samsung,LG,Sony,Nvidia,Xiaomi and lots of other companies are going to reveal there upcoming gadgets and services.This time we may see many of the new mobiles and the wearables.

This CES Samsung is going to reveal its many of the products.This time samsung is to reveal its beauty and skin care products.

 S-skin form Samsung

 S-skin is the product from the samsung which help to reduce the wrinkles from skin and make the skin beautiful.This product beam a light on the skin and detects the type of the sink and give the information related to the skin to the app.This is the first beauty product from the Samsung which is going to shown in CES 2017.

  • Samsung New Smart Tv

Samsung is also going to launch the new updated Smart Tv The new smaet tv has the 'QLED'(Quantum LED) display it is based on the High Dynamic Range (HDR) technology. Which gives the best experience and more dynamic view in 4k.  It has the new design and better sound experience from the previous models

  • Samsung A series phones

Samsung  is also going to launch the A series (2017) which is water proof (IP 68 certification) phones from samsung in this CES 2017.The A series phone have the design and updated hardware and the new camera.It has same feature of the its flagship phone     


This CES LG is going to launch many products like mobiles,speakers, Tv, washing machines ,and the new robot vacuum cleaner .
  • Mobiles

Lg is going to launch the new K series smartphones whic is the stylus series phone.It is the mid range phones and the most awaited lg g6
  • LG Levitating Portable Bluetooth Speaker 

Lg is going to launch its new futuristic Levitating Portable Bluetooth Speaker in this CES 2017
LG wants to enter in the premium speakers market in this Levitating portable speaker the speaker float using a electromagnet. The overall design of the speaker look good.


Sony is going to launch its new range of its 4K Bravia TV and the new models of the Xperia X lineup
in CES 2017. The new bravia tv has  the new design and the new hardware which gives good user experience. The new Xperia X phone may have the new snapdragon 835 processor and updated hardware.

Xiaomi is first time participating in the CES 2017.There is the no official announcement form Xiaomi abouts its product but from the sources  Xiaomi may launch its new flagship MI 6 and the Xiaomi redmi note 4X wich will work  on the snapdragon 835 processor.Recently Xiaomi has launched its new laptop in the china it may also be shown in CES 2017. Xiaomi also launch its robot vacuum  cleaner.

Nvidia is going to launch its new stand alone gaming console and the new series of its high end graphics cards in CES 2017. Nvidia is the gaming and and the hardware company.The nvidia gaming console have the high end gaming hardware.It will also come with a new update for its gaming product .

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