Benefits of the On-Screen keyboard

Keyboard is the input device which is used to type the text and numbers in word processor,text editor and other programs but sometimes our desktop or laptop keyword can not work and the important work we can not do.For this on screen keyboard in our desktop and laptop is very helpful. On screen keyboard is works with  help of mouse.

To open the On-Screen keyboard in laptop or desktop first click on the start menu then programs then On-Screen keyboard or you can search On-Screen keyboard.

This On-Screen keyboard can also be used when your mouse click is not working for this you have to
put the cursor on the letter for few seconds which you want to type and the letter will be automatically typed.For example:If  you want to type the letter 'A'  then put the cursor of the mouse to the letter 'A' for few seconds then the letter 'A' will be automatically typed.For this you have to change the setting of the On-Screen keyboard.         

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