How to increase the speed of Google Chrome [updated]

Google chrome is one of the most used web Browser around the world. People uses google chrome because it is easy to use.Google chrome is easily sync with any account. You can easily open your email id and work from and any where and any time.If you are thinking that the chrome in your laptop or desktop is not working properly or the speed of the chrome is slow then you can increase the speed of the Google chrome from the following methods.

  • Check for the update

First of all you have to check for the update of the Google chrome.If there is any update for the google chrome then update it.Form this your personal computer can support the advance things and from this your browser speed can be can check the update from the settings or type the Chrome://help in the address bar to check for the  update.
Instead of this always update your PC from this the speed of the system is increased and the problems of the bug and the error is also removed.

  • Remove the unnecessary Extensions  

Remove the unwanted Extensions form the PC.These are the small program which run on the PC and decrease the speed of the PC.
To remove the the Extensions form chrome follow the steps:

  • Open the chrome
  • On the upper right hand side click on more.
  • Then click on more tools
  • Then click on the Extension  
Then remove the unwanted Extensions which are not in use.Form this the speed of the chrome is increased 

  • Remove the unnecessary plugins:
To increase the speed of the chrome use have to also manage the plugins of the PC.It has the great impact on the speed of the PC because it always run on the background.So remove the unwanted plugin.For this type Chrome://Plugins/ in the address bar and remove the unwanted plugins from this the speed of the chrome will increase.

  • Close the Unused Tabs: :   
If you have opened the many tabs in your PC or the laptop which you don not use then close these tabs.These tabs always run and increase the load of the browser.If you open the less tab then the speed of the browser is increased  
  • Scrolling Speedup
You can enable the fast tab/window close though which you increase the speed of the scrolling in the chrome browser.You can also clean the cashe files on time to time and also delete the history of the web browser.Never open the restricted websites or file in your chrome browser.      

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