How to unblock the block websites

If any of the website is blocked in your computer and you want to use the website then you can use it by changing some settings in your computer.If you want to unblock the website first of all change the internet option,if the message "Due to restriction on this account" was not displaying in the panel then you can easily unblock the website.

  • First go to the control panel  
  • Then security 
  • Then go the Restricted website
Then activate the website you want to activate and the  website will be unblocked

You can also use the URL (Uniform Resource Locator) instead of IP(Internet Protocol ) to unblock the the blocked website.For this you have to send the command to you find the IP address and use it to unblock the blocked website.

You can also use the Google translator to unblock website.For this you have to copy the URL of the website which is blocked and paste into the  google translator.By doing this you will get the link and by clicking the link you can open the blocked website.

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