Mac Book pro saved a life during Fort Lauderdale airport firing by stopping the bullet.

Five people were killed during the fire in the Fort Lauderdale international airport.A long man pulled a gun from his bag and started shooting five people were killed and eight was injured.

There was a man in the airport claiming that his mac book pro has saved his life by stopping the bullet.According to CNN the man is near the baggage claim area when he heard gun fire he fell to the floor trying to protect himself. The man had his backpack and the mac book was inside the backpack.when he fell down to the ground the backpack was offering some protection to him.While laying on the ground the  men felt something hit his back.The bullet is found from the bottom of the backpack's  front pocket and the bullet has damaged the mac book inside the backpack.

The man immediately took the backpack and the laptop to the FBI.Then the FBI concluded that the 9 mm bullet was hit to the mac book which was fired by the gun man.
The mac book pro is made up of  high grade aluminium body which helps to stop the bullet fired by the gunman and saved his life.

It is not the first time that the apple product has saved the life .In 2015 Apple iPhone 5c has save the the the life of the man by stopping the the bullet.The phone was kept inside his upper pocket and the bullet hit the phone and saved the life of the man. 


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