How the encryption of any data is done

Encryption is the process in which the data or information is converted into the different code.This code can only be read by the person who has the knowledge of the code or the person who has done the code.The process of  coding  the data is known  as encryption. Now days most of the data on the internet is send in encrypt form like Debit Card number,Bank Account login or the Debit/Credit card  details,Skype call or the Whats app messages etc.Encryption method is very strong no one can easily hack the  encrypted data.

The encryption method was made in 1970.In this there is the prime number which have many factors.To decode the data these factors are the multiplied by the combination of the special factors.This mean to break the encryption the person have to try the thousands of the combination because these combination are only known by the creator,so the person can not easily break the encryption.When the the factor is greater then it is hard to break the encryption.

The strength of the encryption is based on the number of the bites used in the encryption.For this 128,256,1024 or 2048 bits are used for the encryption.Basically 128 bit is used for the encryption because to break this super computer is used.If the 256 bit used then the all the super computer in earth can not break.  

So the encryption is the safest way to save the data from hacking. Now days the data transferred form internet is also encrypted.No one can read the encrypted data except the creator of the data.  

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