How to make social media profile attractive.

Social media is the platform through which you share the information,photos etc with peoples and friends .If you use social networking website like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc and want to make it attractive and to impress your friends.I will tell you some tips to make you social media attractive.

  • Make your best and the latest photo as profile photo and don not change your profile photo immediately.
  • Make the attractive cover photo for your social media profile 
  • Remove or untag the photos which you don't want see.
  • Make your same name in all social media accounts like Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn etc.
  • Always use the keywords in your profile which was used by the google search engine in SEO (Search Engine Optimization )
  • Fill all the column of your social media profile 
  • Fill all the information of the social media profile correct and complete.
  • The information which are left edit it and complete the profile.
  • Highlight the important information of your profile
  • Link the one social media profile with other social media profile from this the profile will promote.
  • Increase the followers of you social media account.         
From using these simple steps you can easily attract your friends and the new people which will see your social media account.

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