How to choose the the best processor for your computer or laptop

Processor which is also known as Central Processing Unit (CPU), it is the electronic chip within a computer that carries out the instructions of a computer program by performing the basic  arithmetic, logical, control and input/output (I/O) operations given by the user .If we choose the correct processor for laptop or desktop it will make our work easier and more faster.

Importance of the processor

Microprocessor is the small chip which is made of silicon in which there are millions of micro transistors,with the help of these micro transistors the data of the computer is  processed,these micro transistors are to small in size.

According to the information the Moore's law is very famous law for the microprocessor,it states that  the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit doubles approximately every two years,that is why more powerful and faster processors are coming every year.
You have listened the name of the speed of the processor, like 3 Gigahertz this data gives the information of the speed of the processor,the speed of the computer is depend upon the speed of the processor.

Which is the best processor for your work

For Small work

If you want the computer for internet surfing and for playing small game then you can buy the computer or the laptop which have Atom, Celeron or the pentium single core processor.the speed of these processor are not to high and made for small work.

For Home work

If you want the computer or laptop for your home and want to work on Microsoft Office and for listening music, watching Video  then you can buy the computer which have dual core or i3 processors.These are the mid range processors and sufficient for the small work.

For Office Work

If you want the laptop or desktop for your Office and work on office applications,computer games, HD movies, YouTube then you can choose the dual core,Core 2 Duo or the i5 processor for you computer.The speed of these processors are to high.

For Graphics work

If you want the computer for Graphics work like making music videos ,Playing high graphics games, programming  etc then  you can buy the i5 or the i7 processor for your computer.these are high speed processors which made to perform multiple tasks.   

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