Which is the fastest Web Browser Chrome VS. Firefox VS. Opera VS. Uc vs. Safari

Web browser is the essential part of the web surfing,it is important to choose the correct web Browser for the  web surfing.

Google chrome:

Google Chrome used to clearly be the best and the most used web browser according to the serveys, with its speed advantage and extension ecosystem, It’s a clean look, and though installing enough extensions can clutter things up, for most users, this won’t be confusing. Like most browsers, the window can get incredibly cramped with 15 more tabs open, but it still does a fantastic job of delivering content whether the window is expanded or slightly minimized for the sake of space.

Google is one of the biggest tech company it also gives the new updates to its Browser chrome to make it more flexible and secure . Browser compatibility:

Google Chrome: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Linux, Android.  
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Firefox browser  features a similar, it have more useful layout when compared to the other browsers. The URL and search boxes are still separate by default and places the tab bar above the address bar, it is the unique feature among current web browsers, the searching from the address bar works fine. Recently added buttons for Pocket and Hello also take up space while other browsers are slimming things down. But if you want to, you can remove any of these elements in just a simple of clicks. Firefox is hard to customize.

The Firefox browser offers the same kind of single-click bookmarking that Chrome does — all you have to do is click the star located to the right of the search bar .The settings menu is accessible in a similar manner to that of Google Chrome, allowing you to access various options by clicking a simple buttons. Browser compatibility:

Firefox: Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android and Linux

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Opera is also one of the fastest web browser available in the market, opera uses Google’s chromium Web engine while retaining a set of signature features that distinguish the browser from the rest. Opera has a single hybrid address-search bar like Chrome, but the alternative browser also sports Opera’s signature features, stash and speed dial. Speed dial allows for easy bookmarking and functions like “the most visited page” on Safari. Stash is similar to Pocket, and thus allows you to quickly store pages for future browsing. The bottom line? Opera sports a clean design with innovative features that hold their own against the rest of the competition.
Browser compatibility:

Opera: Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android and Linux

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Uc browser is one of the fastest and the most flexible mobile browser it is the best in terms of customization and extension. It  features an imperessive user interface which have customizable extensions,it has the innovative download manager which allows users to download files very quick and hve the data saving mode. The main features of the Uc browser are =Night mode, data saving mode,speed up, full screen mode,reader mode etc.
Although these are just few modes Uc browser can fit different needs and not just used for browsing Uc browser provides many helpful services like Uc news and many more

Browser compatibility:

Uc Browser : Windows , iOS, Android
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Safari web browser is the default browser in the iOS and mac operating system and it is one of the most secure web browser available right now, If you want any links to open -- from an e-mail or a text message, for example -- will launch in Safari. And, in standard Apple fashion, there's no way to change that. Going with this browser means serious convenience.Safari's Reading List is also a big plus. When you don't have time to read an article, tap the share button at the bottom of the window, and select "Add to Reading List." You can access the article later by tapping the Bookmarks button in Safari.

Browser compatibility:

Safari: iOS and MacOS

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