WhatsApp Is Now Used To Cut Airport Queues in India

The (AAI) airport authority of India is now using world largest used messenger WhatsApp to reduce airport queues. AAI uses WhatsApp for issuing directives to airports for improving customer services by reducing the standing time in queue,improving airport facilities and simplifying procedures, and ; and information related to the airport are shared in the group and urgent issues related to customer and services are resolved in real time.This has also helped in building engagement at the ground level and enables  airport  to share there information and practices,"  


The Airport Authority Of India (AAI) unveiled Project DISHA - Driving Improvement In Services and Hospitality at Airports.Last year AAI has decided to improve the customer services at airport but now this time it was aimed to improving queue standing time and convenience of all the customer,improving airport facilities such as seating areas ,improving navigation, offering best and affordable food and beverages,toilets ,simplify customer flows,and others

The project is currently being implemented at 10 airports Lucknow, Chennai, Varanasi, Goa, Kolkata, pune, Guwahati, Coimbatore and Tiruvananthapuram.

"Since the project is announced the to only 10 participating airports and other airports can also follow some of the practices,A WhatsApp group is formed with all airport directors,AAI board members,directors and other airport officers where views are constantly exchanged with each other in a WhatsApp group.

Feedback and directions

The chairman of the AAI makes the observation on the feedback and invitations shared by the airports and issue the direction on the Whatsapp group.
All the information and problems related to the airport  are discussed in the WhatsApp group and the best solution is given by the managers and directors to solve the problem.  

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