How to save smartphone from hacking important information.

Nowadays people save the there important data and information in there smartphone form this data can be easily hacked from the smartphone.As the use of technology is increasing the activity of hackers is also increasing.To save your important data and information from hacking form your smartphone follow these steps:

  • Don't trust any one:

The most important thing is do not trust anyone easily If any one is asking for your personal data and information like Email id,password,Credit card number etc,think twice before giving any personal information.

  • Password privacy:

Do not save your passwords in any websites on in browser.There are many websites which ask you to save your password to login. so the saved password in websites ccan be easily hacked by the hackers .

  • Lock your apps: 

Always lock your apps in which you save your personal data.There are many apps available for locking the app By locking the app this will protect the data from hacking by the external users who uses the phone.

  • Wipe the data :

Time to time wipe the important data and information from your phone or save the important data in external device like pen drive or hard disk etc.

  • WiFi: 

Don not use the public wifi from this the important information from your phone can be easily hacked .When you connect you device with  public wifi hackers uses the device information and then hack the important data from your phone.

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