Nvidia New Shield Portable 2 images leaked

A few months ago, there was rumors that a new Nvidia Shield Portable might be on the way. The nvidia Shield Portable 2 just surfaced on the Federal Communications Commission website, according to a report. The original shield was released back in 2013 and while Nvidia has released a variety of tablets and gaming console under the Shield branding, the rebranded Shield Portable don’t had a major update.
Due to its success, Nvidia developed has launched  many Android devices, such as the SHIELD tablet and, the most recent addition, the Shield Android TV.

Nvidia Shield TV:

The new version of the Shied tv is 40 percent smaller, runs on the Android 7.0 Nougat operating system .It can stream 4K HDR content, which is really a treat for those who definitely want amazing visuals.

Nintendo Switch :

The news is especially interesting on the heels of this week’s Nintendo Switch announcement, The Nintendo Switch will be running Nvidia's very own Tegra X1, just like the Shield. A new Shield Portable would throw some interesting competition into the mix for the upcoming Nintendo device.The another reason for the company to let Nintendo shine. This is because it will bring only a small incentive for Nvidia to create one of its own high-performance gaming handheld devices. 
Gamers and fans can only hope that Nvidia goes forward with the development of the new consoles 

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